PrintaFix Basic 100ml
PrintaFix Basic 100ml

PrintaFix Basic 100ml

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PrintaFix Basic

PrintaFix - the best solution for adhesion problems in 3D printing, no warping anymore.

  • easy to use –simple as Shake | Spray | Print!

  • cost-effective

  • for non-heated and heated printbeds

  • removable with warm water

  • environmentally friendly

PrintaFix Basic is developed particularly for FDM/FFF 3D printing and is characterized by its ease of
use, the low price per print and excellent adhesion on non-heated and heated printbeds.

With PrintaFix you solve problems with the adhesion far better and more convenient that with other products.


  • shake -spray - print

  • Take the printbed out of your 3D printer, shake PrintaFix well, apply overlapping circles on the printbed and start the print as usal.

  • Warping and first layer problems is a thing of the past.

  • Clean up is done in seconds. Just use warm water or an alcoholic window cleaner (must contain ethanol).

 More information:

Recommended settings:

PLA: printing temperature 200-215°C

ABS: printing temperature 235-250°C

Printbed temperature 80-100°C with 5mm brim when using ABS

You will get a smooth and nice finish on the bottom.

Multiple prints on one PrintaFix coating are possible (Adhesion drops about 20% per print depending on the size of the previous model.)

For extreme high adhesion:  
Spray PrintaFix as usual in overlapping circles on the printbed. Wait until it is dried. Thenspray again a fine nebula with a few pumps from a distance of 30 cm on the printbed.

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