PrimaCreator FlexPlate-Powder Coated PEI 510 x 510 mm
PrimaCreator FlexPlate-Powder Coated PEI 510 x 510 mm
PrimaCreator FlexPlate-Powder Coated PEI 510 x 510 mm

PrimaCreator FlexPlate-Powder Coated PEI 510 x 510 mm

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PrimaCreator FlexPlate-Powder Coated PEI 510 x 510 mm

Why should I use PrimaCreator FlexPlate-Powder Coated PEI?
• Magnetic and flexible
• PEI is one of the best surfaces you can use for printing
• Very Easy to use
• Fits most printers
• Strong and durable

Fits: Creality CR-10S, Creality CR-10, Hictop CR-10, JG Aurora A5 and A5x, Artillery Sidewinder X1, Tevo Black Widow.

The new Powder Coated FlexPlate from PrimaCreator consists of three parts. The first one is the magnetic surface that you will attach to the printers bed. The second and third one is the high quality spring steel sheet that is covered with a sheet of the best PEI Ultem .

The Flexplate-Powder Coated PEI is the perfect surface to print on, it’s very durable and easy to manage. And best of all, thanks to the Flexible plate your prints will be very to remove. Just give it a small bend and the print will pop right off.

PrimaCreator FlexPlate-Powder Coated PEI is based on a ferrit core which is much more heat resistant than neodymium magnets. This FlexPlate can withstand temperatures up to 130°C without any problems, so you can even use it with ABS.

PEI Ultem (Polyetherimide) from PrimaCreator is a reusable, relatively maintenance free, build surface for both ABS (with a Heated bed) and PLA (hot or cold), other materials such as Metal, Wood, PETG, ABS+ and many others also works just fine. You don’t require any additional adhesives such as glue or tape. PEI is appealing due to its "no-surface-prep" conditions, which make it convenient to work with. Additionally, printing on PEI requires no support rafts as parts adhere directly to the surface with no issue.

How To Use.
Unpack your FlexPlate, attach the magnetic surface to your print bed and then attach the spring steel plate with the PEI attached to it onto the magnetic surface. Remove the protective film from the PEI and re-level your print bed. You are now ready to print away. Parts should come free from the surface with almost no issue at all. PLA does not require heat but turning the heated bed up to 45C helps. You don´t need any adhesives but if you are going to print something large or for a long time, we recommend using the PrimaFix adhesive stick, it will make your parts stick even better and release even easier when the print is done.  After the print is done, just let the plate cool down, remove the plate and give it a gentle bend. You can then just “pop” the model off the plate.
Before each print, wipe your PEI surface down with 70-91% Isopropyl alcohol, to ensure that you wipe away any grease or other residues that may have accumulated on the surface. This will help increase your surface adhesion greatly.
Use acetone, isopropyl alcohol, methyl alcohol, or soap to clean your PEI after use.