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BCN3D Sigmax – Large dual extruder FFF 3D printer

BCN3D Sigmax – Large dual extruder FFF 3D printer
45990 SEK

BCN3D Sigmax – Large dual extruder FFF 3D printer

The BCN3D Sigmax dual-extruder FFF 3D printer is a large volume professional-grade desktop-manufacturing machine. The Sigmax is especially characterized by its innovative dual extrusion approach and available large 3D print build volume. Use two different filaments to add a second color or support to your 3D prints.

Main features BCN3D Sigmax:

  • Dual-extruder 3D printer – Manufacture with 2 different filaments
  • High-temperature hot-end
  • Large 3D printing volume: 420 x 297 x 210 mm
  • Colorful touch-screen
  • Solid frame and high-quality components

Independent dual extruder

Thanks to the unique IDEX (Independent Dual Extruder) system, the Sigmax is a versatile tool able to 3D print multicoloror multi-material parts. During its development BCN3D put special emphasis to manufacturing with water-soluble support filaments. This enables you to 3D print complex parts. After the process is completed, simply remove the support-structure by laying the part into a bath of water.

Higher speed – Manufacture two parts at one

Moreover, this unique extruder-architecture makes possible two highly productive 3D printing modes: Mirror and duplication additive manufacturing. The Sigmax can use both toolheads to simultaneously 3D prints the same model 2 times. Furthermore, this 3D printer can symmetrical process two parts. This functionality doubles its productive capacity.

Easy to change nozzles

In addition, the wide range of available hot-ends (sold separately) boosts its versatility. Now you can use the most suitable hot-end for your project. Simply manufacture with both extruders to cut down 3D printing times or get more solid models without giving up quality.

Good adhesion due to heated build plate

This dual-extruder high-temperature 3D printer Sigmax features a standard DIN-A3 heated surface of 420 x 297 mm. The heated build plate can reach temperatures up to 110 º C. As well as, it offers a printable height of 210 mm. The surface of the build platform is made of glass. It can easily be removed to clean the area or removing the 3D printed parts. A magnetic system makes this process simple and fast.

Full color LCD touch screen

The BCN3D Sigmax incorporates a 3.5” Full Color Capacitive LCD touch screen. Interact smoothly and effectively with this additive manufacturing machine. Through this screen, you will experience a comfortable operation of this 3D printer. It will guide you easily through all the calibration and maintenance processes.

Buy the BCN3D Sigmax to get a large dual extruder FFF 3D printer. It is easy to use and can be operated via a LCD touch screen.

Printer Properties

  • Architecture. IDEX
  • Technology. Fused Filament Fabrication
  • Print Volume: 420mm x 297mm x 210mm
  • Extruders. 2
  • Nozzle diameter. 0,3mm / 0,4mm / 0,5mm (for abrasive materials) / 0,6mm (standard)/ 0,8mm / 1,0mm
  • Heated Bed: PCB
  • Screen: Full Color Capacitive TouchPAD
  • Electronics: BCN3D Electronics v1.0. Independent Stepper Drivers
  • Firmware: BCN3D Sigma - Marlin
  • Supported files: gcode
  • Operating Sound: 50 dBA
  • Connectivity: SD (autonomous operation) / USB
  • Certifications: CE / FCC

Printing Properties

  • Layer Height: 0,045 - 0,5 (depending on the nozzle diameter)
  • Positioning Resolution (X/Y/Z): 1,25 µm / 1,25 µm / 1 µm
  • Operating Temperature: 15 ºC - 35 ºC
  • Maximum extruder temperature: 290 ºC
  • Maximum printing temperature: 280 ºC
  • Maximum hot bed temperature: 100 ºC
  • Support material: PVA for PLA /HIPS for ABS


  • Filament diameter: 2,85 ± 0,05 mm
  • Compatible Materials: PLA, ABS, PVA, TPU, Nylon, Co-polyesters, HIPS, TPU, Specials


  • Processing files software: Cura - BCN3D, Simplify3D, Slic3r,...
  • Operating systems: Windows, Mac, Linux
  • Supported files: STL, 3MF, OBJ, AMF

Electric Properties

  • Input: AC 84-240V, AC 3,6-1,3A, 50-60Hz
  • Output: 24V DC, 13A
  • Power consumption: 480W

Physical Dimensions

  • Overall dimensions: 675 mm x 440 mm x 680 mm (cables included)
  • Shipping package dimensions: 760 mm x 550 mm x 630 mm
  • Shipping package weight: 24 kg