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Cyclops Multi-Extrusion Munstycke

Cyclops Multi-Extrusion Munstycke
1799 SEK

The Cyclops
2 In, 1 Out - Switching HotEnd

Orginal Cyclops Dual Extruder Munstycke!

Här kommer det in två olika plaster och du har endast ett munstycke. 

Snygg och smidig lösning för Dual extrusion!

Cyclops introduces a new way of printing multiple materials not yet seen before in commercially available hotends. By taking 2 input materials and printing them alternately from a single nozzle Cyclops is able to eliminate ooze problems that are inherent in most conventional dual extrusion systems. This new approach has been working excellently for us in testing at E3D, but we are releasing it now as an experimental product as we are still figuring out the best techniques for using this new HotEnd type.

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