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PanelDue 4.3" Display

PanelDue 4.3" Display
799 SEK

PanelDue 4.3" Display 

The PanelDue is a colour touch screen controller for the Duet and other 3dprinting electronics that support it.

  • The control board and firmware support 2 screen sizes: 4.3" and 5" and 7", at two resolutions: 480×272 (4.3-inch displays) or 800×480 pixels 
  • 5V power from host 3D printer controller.
  • 2-wire async serial interface with 3.3V signal level (5V tolerant input).
  • Connections to the external SD card socket that is included on most compatible displays is available via a 10-way ribbon cable connector on version 2.0 PanelDue boards.
  • 4-wire cable to connect the PanelDue to your controller board for the serial and power connections.
  • The control board without a screen is also available however a 4.2,5 or 7” SSD1963 LCD panel is required and the instructions on David Crocker’s PanelDue blog must be followed.

There is an overview of connecting a PanelDue on the wiki.

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